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Our Englewood, Ohio Landscaping Services

If you’re looking for a landscaping company in Englewood, Ohio, look no further. Cable Bros Outdoor Services has been providing quality service to our customers since 2012. We are a family-owned business that provides a variety of services including sod installation, lawn seeding, landscape installation and paver patios. We also offer retaining walls and water features for those who want something more unique than the traditional paver patio.

We know how important it is to have beautiful landscaping in your Englewood, Ohio yard or garden. If you’re tired of looking at overgrown grass or ugly dead spots in your yard, call us today! We will come out and give you an estimate on what it will take to get your yard looking great again.

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Why We Love To Service Englewood, Ohio For Landscaping

When it comes to landscaping in Englewood, Ohio, there are many things to consider. We will take into account the size of the area that you want to beautify, the amount of sunlight that reaches it, the slope of the ground in the area, the type of plants that will suit your purpose, the area and environment, and more. When it comes to your outdoor living area, we want to take into consideration how you intend to use the space, what your goal is, what your budget is, and how we can deliver a great experience to you throughout and after the project.

Englewood, rated as one of the best communities in the Dayton-Springfield area, has more than 13,400 residents. It was founded as a community in 1841, and it became a village on May 15, 1914. Englewood became a city in 1971. Visitors can find a host of things to do here, including eight parks and the Earl Heck Community Center—plus the 2,000-acre Englewood Metro Park.

The Englewood area was home to many Native Americans in the early days; however, they were not hostile and traded with the encroaching settlers and pioneers. There was also an abundance of wildlife which afforded good hunting for the settlers’ food requirements.

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prefix_imageEnglewood, Ohio Landscaping Services

Get a Quote for your Landscaping Needs

We understand that you’re probably wondering about the cost of your landscaping project. We understand. We often will discuss a starting ballpark budget at the outset of the project just to make sure we’re in the right lane, and if you’re comfortable with that, we always put together an actual quote on your new yard or landscape, to be reviewed and approved by you before we start working. We will communicate with you along the way to make sure that everything is clear and understandable, that the vision is realistic with the budget, and that there are as few surprises as possible.

Why Choose us For Landscaping in Englewood, Ohio

At Cable Bros Outdoor Services, we believe in building a relationship with our clients that goes beyond just providing landscape services. We want to be your go-to company for your landscaping needs, whether you live in Englewood, OH or anywhere else in the southwestern Ohio region. That's why we are a small family-owned and operated company that strives to be a dependable and trusted go-to for the landscape services we provide in Englewood, OH area. Our team is focused on integrity, vision, and the thorough completion of each project. We're also committed to making sure every client gets exactly what they want out of their experience with us—and that means listening carefully to what they need from their landscaping service provider before jumping into any work. We'll take the time to consult with you about what you want before we start working on your project so that when it's done, it will fit your needs exactly as you envisioned it!